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Mini Split Installation

Mini Split Installation Yonkers


Are you searching of a mini split installation contractor in Yonkers or Westchester County? We are here to help with all your mini installation needs. Our team of experienced professional can assist you on your mini split project. Contact us today.

Ductless mini-splits provide comfort while requiring little change to your home’s existing design. Air duct systems are needed for conventional central air conditioning, which are typically big and may need particular structural consideration. Air is distributed throughout the house using ductless mini-splits using several air handlers and copper refrigeration tubing. The end result is maximum home comfort at a low price.

Zoning is inexpensively available with ductless mini-split systems. It is possible to precisely manage the temperature and fan speed in each zone thanks to a separate air handler. Up to four zones can be included in a ductless mini-split system per outside unit (with options for multiple outdoor units). The owner of the property can customize each zone to his or her personal comfort level using a wireless remote in each one.

The indoor and outdoor units are simply connected by copper tubing that passes through a minuscule 3 to 4 inch hole in the wall or ceiling. From the outside condensing unit to the indoor unit, where the air is gently delivered to the interior space, refrigerant is cycled through the lines. Compared to conventional air conditioning, installation is much simpler, which results in significant labor cost savings.

Although ductless mini-split systems, like conventional air conditioning systems, place loud components outside, they also do away with the need for ductwork and furnace blowers, making them ideal for retrofit or boiler-occupied homes. Homeowners that get rid of these parts hear less noise from their HVAC systems and are no longer constrained by duct restrictions. Ductless mini-splits can also offer multi-zoned comfort.

Amazingly, these identical devices may also heat your home in the winter by taking heat from the outside air and transferring it inside (Heat Pumps). The outcome? Efficient heating and cooling for all-year-round comfort in the majority of regions.

Mini Split Contractor Services

If you want to completely transform the way you maintain the comfort of your home or place of business, you should give ductless mini split systems some serious thought. When compared to conventional forced-air heating and cooling systems, these gadgets provide a variety of incredible advantages. Our heating and cooling contractors are here to assist you with this project. For local home and business owners, we install, fix, and maintain micro split heat pumps with pride.

If you require the services of a highly qualified, air conditioning and heating contractor who installs and fixes ductless mini split systems, call us right now. Our kind and respectful team would be delighted to take your call, address any queries you may have, and set up your appointment right away. We’ll do everything we can to meet your demands in the best way possible.


Energy Efficiency is Promoted via Ductless Mini Splits

The energy efficiency of your heating and cooling system can be significantly increased by installing ductless mini splits in your home or place of business. These incredible heat pumps are an excellent energy-efficient replacement for conventional forced air machinery. There is no energy loss as cooled or heated air is distributed around your house because they do not rely on air ducts.


Mini splits without ducts offer the best control.

You will have the greatest amount of control over the comfort of your home when you upgrade to a ductless micro split system. These gadgets are put in place at various areas all throughout your house. There is no need to maintain comfort if no one is in a certain region.

Depending on your energy usage and comfort requirements, a well-designed mini split system enables you to maintain various rooms in your house or place of business at different temperatures. This increased amount of control is absolutely astounding. Your total satisfaction, as well as that of your family, is assured.


Design and Installation of Ductless Mini Splits

Our heating and cooling specialists can take care of your ductless mini split system at any point in its lifespan. We can assist you in choosing, creating, and installing the best, most specialized equipment imaginable. For both normal maintenance and urgent repairs, our professionals will always be on hand. You can always feel secure knowing that our outstanding professionals are taking care of your ductless mini-split heat pumps.

Benefits of Mini Splits


Individual Control

Each indoor unit can be controlled individually to just provide air comfort in the required rooms.

Modular Installation

Compact split/multi-split air conditioners from Daikin are simple to install in homes with limited space.

Cost and Energy Savings

Modern heat pump and inverter technologies deliver higher efficiency and cost-effective energy reductions.

Large Product Selection

With a wide selection of models, any interior space may be perfectly styled and functionally matched. Incredible effective and dependable cooling systems are mini split heat pumps.

Little Intrusion
Installation in buildings is straightforward and unobtrusive, and ductwork is not required.

  • offers single zone interior areas a high-end air conditioning solution at a reasonable cost
  • offers a straightforward answer for one-room expansions.

A multi split system will make the entire home comfortable! You can choose how to heat and cool every room in your house.

– connects one outdoor unit to up to nine indoor units;

– without the use of ducts, installs a full air conditioning system in several zone interior spaces

– gives access to personal room temperature controls

– allows for the integration of indoor units of various types and sizes into a single system for tailored solutions particular to each household environment.