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Dryer Vent Cleaning and Duct Cleaning

Your dryer vent is another of the systems that our service can help you keep clean. In both residential and even commercial settings, your  appliance’s vent can experience quite heavy use, so there’s a real need to have it cleaned on a regular basis. This is of real importance for many reasons, including preventing a fire hazard. With our inexpensive and professional service available for the job, it’s not something that you have to keep putting off. We can make sure that your dryer exhaust system is properly cleaned out, so that it can function like normal. This way, you don’t need to worry about any of the concerns that can otherwise arise and don’t need to waste your time worrying about or keeping an eye on everything. 

Dryer Vent Cleaning 

Like the other exhaust and air systems that we specialize in, keeping your dryer vents clean is an important job that you should leave to a professional. Not only can poorly cleaned, or dryer vents that aren’t cleaned at all, decrease the energy efficiency of your system, it can also result in major health concerns, depending on the type of dryer that you have, as well as being a fire hazard. So, it’s pretty important to keep your appliance’s exhaust system free of blockages. Our professional dryer vent cleaning services are perfect for the needs of both residential and commercial customers. So, take keeping your dryer vent clean seriously by choosing the best and most professional team for the job.


Safety Hazard 

The main reason why cleaning a dryer vent on a regular basis is so important is due to safety concerns. The lint that can build up in this part of your dryer can become a major fire hazard. Keeping your appliance’s exhaust systems clean is an easy way to prevent this danger.

Given you won’t always be able to inspect this part of your dryer, there’s a number of signs that you can be on the lookout for. This includes an excessive amount of lint being left behind on your clothing after using your dryer, your clothes being quite hot after they have been dried and even your dryer being quite hot to touch while it is operating. If you notice theses signs, it probably time to clean your vent. 

Health Concerns 

As well as being a safety hazard, there’s also health concerns that can arise if you don’t keep your dryer vent clean. This is particularly relevant if your appliance is gas operated. An unclean system can struggle to disperse and remove gases like carbon monoxide as it normally should. These gases can find their way into your home or commercial space, and it can drastically decrease the air quality. Long term exposure to this poor type of air can cause a range of different health concerns. A clean system can help to remove these build ups of unhealthy gases and ensure that the air quality in your home remains healthy. So, reduce the risk of any health concerns by making sure that your drying appliance is regularly cleaned by a professional team like ours. 

Energy Efficiency 

There’s also the energy efficiency of your system that you need to consider when it comes to cleaning. Without proper cleaning, the overall energy efficiency of your system will decrease. What’s the consequence of this exactly? Well, it will mostly translate to higher energy bills. If you’re dryer vent system isn’t running cleanly, that means that it requires more energy than it otherwise should to run at its peak function.  This means wasted energy and increased cost. So, keeping your appliance’s vent clean, so that it can work efficiently, is the best way to reduce your costs and save money in the long run.